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Appointed Person for Lifting Operations (AP)

When considering the use of lifting operations you have two main choices which are:

Crane hire – you hire the crane, the operator, the slingers, crane supervisor and appointed person. You plan the lift ensuring that the crane is suitable, the load can be slung, the people are competent, that the lifting plan is suitable and that all permits are in place. You hold all responsibility.

Contract lift – You hire a specialist and they take on the above duties.

In both cases the planning will be carried out by an Appointed Person (AP) holding an appropriate CPCS card. The AP will:

Assess the load and the lifting area

Size the crane to suite the load and conditions

Question ground conditions (can the ground support the crane, are there underground services, etc.)

Write the lifting plane

Ensure that the correct lifting equipment is available

Ensure that the lifting team is experienced and numerous enough

Ensure that a rescue plan is in place if required

At Leci Construction we can provide either personnel for your hired crane or peace of mind with our contract lift service. We can provide you with an AP for a single lift or for the duration of your project (the AP does not by law have to be full time on site).  Where we provide Contract lifting services our AP will write the lifting plan, coordinate the schedule of common lifts and manage all aspects of the crane operations.


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